Mar-a-Lago, Florida — In an exclusive revelation that has left the nation both intrigued and amused, former President Donald Trump has finally lifted the curtain on the mystery surrounding his infamous hairstyle. After years of speculation, Trump disclosed the long-guarded secret during a surprise press conference at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

With the familiar golden coif on full display, Trump began the disclosure with a characteristic smirk, stating, “It’s time to put an end to the speculation. The secret behind my hair is… tinfoil!”

The room fell into a momentary silence before erupting in a mix of laughter and disbelief. Trump went on to explain that his voluminous hairdo, long a subject of public fascination and scrutiny, is meticulously crafted using layers of strategically placed tinfoil.

“The key is the tinfoil. It’s fantastic, folks, really fantastic. It keeps my hair looking tremendous, and it doubles as a protective shield against mind control. Very important stuff,” Trump quipped, prompting a chorus of chuckles from the gathered press.

The former president then provided a live demonstration, revealing a roll of aluminum foil from his pocket. He proceeded to wrap a section of his hair, showcasing the meticulous technique that goes into maintaining his signature look.

Trump’s admission has sparked a social media frenzy, with memes and jokes circulating about the unexpected revelation. Some users have even started a hashtag, #TrumpTinfoil, to share their own creative interpretations of the unconventional haircare technique.

Political analysts are divided on the impact of this revelation on Trump’s image, with some suggesting that the candid disclosure may humanize the former president, while others believe it could be a strategic distraction from more serious political discussions.

As the nation processes this unexpected revelation, one thing is certain: Trump’s tinfoil-aided hairstyle will go down in history as one of the quirkiest revelations from a former commander-in-chief.