Paris, France — In a shocking turn of events, French President Emmanuel Macron has officially stepped down from his political duties to embark on a mission of the supernatural. Sources close to the Élysée Palace reveal that President Macron has been secretly training for months to join an elite vampire-hunting squad in the mystical Fontainebleau Forest.

In an emotional farewell address, Macron declared, “I have served my country to the best of my ability, but now it’s time to serve humanity from the shadows. Vampires, beware – the Republic will not tolerate your nocturnal mischief!”

The Élysée Palace has been quick to assure the public that the presidency is in capable hands, as Macron’s successor is rumored to be a shape-shifting werewolf with a background in international diplomacy.

Macron’s departure has sparked a wave of both confusion and amusement on social media, with memes circulating of the former president wielding a garlic-infused baguette as his weapon of choice against the undead. #MacronVanHelsing has already become a trending topic, with citizens speculating on whether his diplomatic skills will be enough to negotiate with blood-sucking entities.

The Fontainebleau Forest, known for its picturesque landscapes and historic charm, is now rumored to be a secret training ground for an underground society of vampire hunters. Locals are reportedly organizing night tours, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ex-president donning a cape and carrying a crossbow.

While the French government has not officially commented on the matter, unofficial sources suggest that Macron’s decision was influenced by binge-watching too many vampire-themed TV shows during lockdown.

Only time will tell if Macron’s new career path will lead to the eradication of vampire threats or if this is just an elaborate ruse to start a supernatural-themed amusement park in the heart of Paris. One thing is for certain – the French people are in for a presidential term unlike any other!